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Beard Transplantation

Beard Transplant in Turkey

Beard and mustache have always been an important detail of the physical appearance for many men. Especially the new trends have made it more prominent that the idea of having a masculine and dense beard is more attractive. Therefore, many men desire to have a full and dense beard. However many men are suffering due to genetic factors of being beardless. 

Many men do not have the beard that they desire because of genetic factors. They suffer mostly because the beard grow irregular or it doesn’t grow at all. Even though this could be frustrating and can cause lack of self confidence, there is a definite solution. At Regium Hairtransplant, you can get a beard transplant treatment performed by the most experienced specialists and enjoy the result permenantly.

Beard transplant treatment

Beard Transplant is a 4 step treatment, which is done under local anesthesia. With a detailed analysis, our specialists decide if the patient is suitable for the operation in order to be considered for the treatment.

1. New beard and mustache design

The design of the new beard and mustache is created according to our patients’ facial characteristics, needs and wishes and it is crucial to take into consideration the current situation of the patient first. During this stage, our experienced Regium Specialists decide together with the patient the future look and design of the new beard and mustache areas.

2. Graft harvesting

In the first place, the needed roots are taken from the donor area. Therefore, as the first step of the operation, a special instrument called the micro motor is used in order to loosen the grafts one by one from the donor area. Our specialists aim to extract a maximum amount of grafts from the donor area, without damaging the natural density of the donor area. In order to preserve the density, it’s crucial make the extraction homogenously.

3. Graft storage

After extraction, the obtained grafts will be extricated and stored in high nutritional solutions specially prepared by Regium.

4. Channeling Phase 

The most important part of the operation is the channeling stage because it requires a lot of detailed and meticulous work. During the chanelling stage, the specialists use exclusive instruments used for beard transplantation in order to open the channels. The channels are tiny holes, which form the future density and natural growth direction of the beard. The number of the channels are decided by the extracted amount of grafts.

5. The implanting

The last stage after the chanelling it the implantation stage. At this stage, the specialists carefully and gently place every graft one by one into the channels. The implantation stage requires a special 180 degree hand rotation.

After completing the implantation, the patient is ready to leave the hospital to rest.

The beard transplantation treatment may take longer than hair transplantation due to the fact that the process area is the face area. However, thanks to the applied local anesthesia, there is absolutely no pain during the procedure. In addition, thanks to the medication applied after the procedure, there is no feeling of pain or discomfort after the procedure.

However, the success of the treatment is connected to the operating team. Every step of the treatment require a sense of art and experience. Therefore it is very important to choose the right clinic and make sure to avoid undesirable and irreversible results. Regium Boutique Line prevents careless fabrication work and ensures that every patient is treated equally by experienced Regium Hairtransplant specialists. Therefore only a limited number of treatments are performed  on a daily basis.

The after care period

The healing process of the implanted areas take maxcimum of 10 to 12 days after the treatment. During this process, a special washing method must be applied to the treated areas. After the procedure, only liquid foods should be consumed in the first 4 days due to the numbness in the beard area and in order to prevent damaging the roots. 

When the recovery period is over, the reddened appearance disappears and newly planted beards can be seen. In addition, there is absolutely no scar observed after the treatment.

Beard growth period

Just like the hair transplant treatment, newly transplanted grafts in beard transplantation enter a period of shoch in the first place. During this process, the hair strands in the roots fall out in the first month until the adaptation is over. During that period, the hair production stops and the roots enter the productive period again at the end of the third month and the beard begin to grow. At the beginning, the implanted beard may seem very weak and thin but the density increases in time.

It takes at least 6 months for the beards to become more prominent. The final result is achieved at least 12 months after treatment.

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