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Eyebrow Transplantation

Regium Eyebrow Transplantation

The eyebrows are a very important factor of our facial characteristics. They support our mimics, gestures and strengthen our expressions. Unfortunately, many men and woman suffer from having very thin and irregular eyebrow growth. The reasons can vary from genetic reasons to wrong eyebrow removal methods. However, its possible to regain the desired eyebrow shape with an Eyebrow Transplantation treatment at Regium Hairtransplant.

How it works?

The Eyebrow Transplantation is a 4 step operation performed under local anesthesia. As the first step, the medical history of the patient is analyzed in detail in order to decide if the candidate is suitable for the treatment. 

New Eyebrow design and graft harvesting

Before the operation starts, the future structure of the eyebrows is designed. While creating the eyebrow design, besides the wishes of our client, the golden ratio is also taken into consideration.

1. Graft harvesting

During the first stage, the grafts from the donor area are harvested by using a special instrument. This process is different from hair and beard transplant because the aim is to use roots with single hair strands in order  to keep a natural and elegant look. These grafts should be harvested from a specific donor area with meticulous work.

2. Storage

In the next step, the roots obtained are preserved by specialists in high nutritional solutions prepared by Regium Hairtransplant.

3. Channeling

During the chanelling stage, channels are opened to the designed eyebrow areas. Our experts determine the new eyebrow density and the direction of your eyebrows.

4. Implanting

During the implanting, our experts direct the roots according to the face shape with appropriate hand rotations, place the grafts in the channels to which they belong and conclude the process.

The after care

The recovery process after the eyebrow transplantation takes maximum of  8 to 10 days. During this period, patients should avoid massive facial mimics and special washing method shown to you by us every day must be applied to the treated areas.  After the complete recovery, there is no scar is observed in the treated areas.

The growth period

In the first month, nearly 80-90% of the implanted hair will fall out due to the adaptation stage of the hair roots. This stage lasts approximately 3 to 3,5 months. After the adaptation stage, the new implanted eyebrows start to grow gradually. The density will increase every month. It takes 12 months for all roots to grow, but the visible change becomes noticeable in the sixth month.

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