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After Hairtransplant

After hair transplantation

Although the hair transplant is a surgical treatment, it doesn’t significantly limit daily activities. The patient will get a special bandage on the donor area and will be discharged. Transplanted areas are left open and no bandage or medical dressing is applied, The patient needs to take care of the transplanted area carefully and should avoid any pounding. 

The bandage applied in the donor area will be removed 1 day after the operation and finally, the medication will start.

Medication after treatment

Regium Hairtransplant will provide you every medication, which is essential 1 day after the treatment. The patient will use pain killers, antibiotics against any risk of infection, anti oedema and pomade.


Pain Killer : 5 day usage. 1 x Morning and 1 x Night on a full stomach

Antibiotics : 7 day usage. 1 x Morning and 1 x Night on a full stomach

Anti Oedema: 3 day usage. 

Day 1 : 2 x Morning on a full stomach

Day 2 : 2 x Morning on a full stomach

Day 3 : 1 x Morning on a full stomach

Pomade : 10 day usage. 1 x after special hair wash only on the donor area

(in case of any stomach problems, gastroprotective will be prescribed as well)

Special hair and wound care

The first hair wash will be done 2 days after the operation at  Regium Hairtransplant and there will be a special hair and wound care on a daily basis. The special care will last 10 to 12 days after the operation until all the treated areas are healed completely. All the speacial care products will be provided by Regium Hairtransplant.

How to apply

The hair care starts with the lotion. A special lotion should be applied on the implanted area with pull-push movements and should be kept for 20 to 25 minutes. Any kind of massage application or scratching should be completely avoided afterwards.  

When it is  time, the patient needs to rinse all the areas with non-pressure warm water. After rinsing, the patient needs to apply on the shampoo again with pull-push movements and rinses it right after. Any kind of external drying process such as using hair dryers or using towels should be avoided. Lastly, the patient needs to apply the pomade only into the donor area with circular hand movements.

What should I pay special attention to?

  • Having plenty of rest after the treatment

  • Plenty of water consumption ( minimum 2,5 lt)

  • Avoid pounding, scratching the first 10 days

  • Generally, lean back and sit in 25-35 degree position to avoid oedema in the face.

  • Sexual activity is prohibited for 5 days after the treatment

  • Sleep with a special neck pillow, which is provided by Regium Hairtransplant, for 7 days after the treatment

  • Wear only shirt or zippered clothes for 7 days after the treatment

  • Don't wear hats or caps for 15 days after the treatment

  • Swimming, Sauna, Solarium and Hard physical activities are not allowed for 30 days after the treatment

  • Do not cut your hair or shave your beard for 40 days after the treatment ( After 40 days patients are allowed to use machines only on the sides and back part. The implanted area should be cut with scissors)

  • Do not dye your hair for the first 8 months after the treatment

  • Don't cut your implanted hair with a razor or machine for the first 12 months after the treatment

The hair growth period

After the treatment, a process that requires patience awaits you, which can be annpying to some of our patients. The new implanted hairs will mostly fall out during the first month after the treatmen until the adaptation stage begins, , which will be approximately 3 months after the treatment.  During the adaptation stage, the new implanted hair roots stop their productivity and connect with capillary vessels. Therefore, no improvement will be observed.

After the successful adaptation, the hair roots start the production and newly transplanted hair begins to emerge. The hair growth will be observed on a montly basis and the hair density will increase day by day. Although a great result will be seen after 6-7 months, the final result will take at least 12 months.

The Regium Care

The role of the Clinic after the treatment is very important to achieve the maximum result.

As the Regium Hairtransplant family, we support you after the treatment and care to be with you in every step after the treatment. Your consultant appointed for you after the treatment is always ready to help, whom you can contact 24/7.

If you wish to benefit from a modern transplant with highly experienced and skilled clinic, than you should contact Regium Hairtransplant for a free consultation. We are happy to help you.


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