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Before Hairtransplant

Before Hair Transplant

Hair transplant treatment is a special surgical operation for the patient. However, there are some criteria for hair transplantation. The age of the patient, whether there is an acute or chronic disease, the patient's drug use, the degree of hair loss, the type of hair loss, the size of the hair loss, donor productivity and the patient's expectation are among these criteria. Therefore, every client need to go through a detailed analysis and consultation process before treatment. As a result of the analysis, our clients whose criteria are found to be compliant are considered as suitable for hair transplantation.

There are also some rules that suitable patients should pay attention to before treatment.

Pre-treatment rules

10 days before

- Do not cut your hair.

7 days before

- Alcohol should not be consumed.

- Smoking consumption should be minimized. If possible, it should not be smoked at all. (Smoking slows down blood circulation and may cause malnutrition of newly transplanted tissues)

5 days before

- You should stop taking blood thinners (if you have to use blood thinners due to your treatment, you should definitely get approval from your doctor)

2 days before

- Coffee should not be consumed (The caffeine in the coffee can delay local anesthesia during the operation)

- Green tea should not be consumed (Green tea has a blood thinning effect)

1 day before

 - Get a good sleep

- Drink plenty of fluids

- Avoid anxiety, anger and stress

Treatment day

- Come to the clinic with your breakfast.

- We would like you to come to the operation with a buttoned or zippered top. (After the treatment, the garment should not touch the transplanted area)

- Choose comfortable clothes. (Our operations can take 6-8 hours depending on your current situation)


In order for your hair transplant treatment to go smoothly, the criteria mentioned above must be applied. You can ask us about the process.


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