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Care instead of mass processing!

Regium Hair Transplant consciously responds to your current situation in order to achieve a natural result.

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Regium Hairtransplant has based its treatment culture on the boutique line it creates. Hair transplant requires special care for each individual treatment, which can be achieved by talented and experienced specialists. For this reason, Regium Hairtransplant aims that every treated patient can benefit from these features and provides a limited number of treatments on a daily basis. In this way, we prevent fabrication and careless work and ensure the guarantee of certain standards and quality for each patient.



Reasons to Perform Hairtransplantation at Regium Hairtransplant

  • +10 years of expertise in hair transplantation

    +10 years of expertise in hair transplantation

  • Professionalized in FUE treatments

    Professionalized in FUE treatments

  • Only one patient a day. No mass treatments.

    Only one patient a day. No mass treatments.

  • Direct treatments from chief experts

    Direct treatments from chief experts

  • Innovative solutions using Regium Hairtransplant Tools

    Innovative solutions using Regium Hairtransplant Tools

  • A growing clinic by recommendations of patients

    A growing clinic by recommendations of patients


Get in contact for a free analysis.



FUE Hairtransplant is a surgical treatment to regain your hair, where healthy hairs are harvested from the donor area and implanted in the recipient areas.

Beard Transplantation

Beard Transplantation

More fullness and volume in the beard area? This is what the beard transplant enables you to do.

Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrow Transplantation

It's possible to regain the desired eyebrow shape with an eyebrow transplantation.



Regium Pain Free

We increase your comfort with Regium Pain Free Anesthesia. With the special pressure system of our device, we perform local anesthesia painlessly and comfortably.

Regium Pain Free

Saphire Perkutan

In the channeling phase during FUE treatment, we use both metal blades and sapphire blades. Our patients are free to choose which instrument they want to use before treatment. The use of the respective blades has no influence on the end result.

Saphire Perkutan

Choi Pens

Choi pens can be used on patients who currently have thick hair but want to increase their hair density. Choi pens are not suitable for all hair and are used when the chief expert deems it appropriate.

Choi Pens



Live an unforgettable experience with Regium Hairtransplant.

Regium Hairtransplant offers you exclusive treatments with high quality guidelines, where you are the only patient on the day of the treatment. We organize all the necessary things, such as 5-star grand hotel, VIP transport, medical supplies, translators and interpreters with post-op support. The experience at Regium Hairtransplant will be unforgettable for you, which you will proudly share with your friends.

Levent E. / FUE hair transplantation


Levent E. / FUE hair transplantation

According to those around me and my family, there may have been no problem with my hair. However, when I looked in the mirror, I thought that some things were not the same as before. Because of this, I became aware of hair transplantation and started doing research. As a result of my research, I had the opportunity to get to know many clinics. Regium Hairtransplant was one of them. After contacting Regium, I was very impressed by some of the details. First of all, it was very practical for me that the treatment could be carried out in both Istanbul and Edirne, as I lived in Edirne (I emigrated from Germany to Turkey 3 years ago). In addition, the treating chief experts have been working as permanent staff for years and carry out all treatments by themselves. As you know, the result depends on the skills and qualifications of the chief experts. They treat only one patient on the day which is called the Regium Boutique Exclusive principle, which I really liked. It made me feel very special. After all, I was very impressed by the communication from my advisor because he took a realistic stance. We haven't finished our 12th month yet, but my result really makes me very satisfied and happy. I want to thank the Regium Hairtransplant family for always supporting me and showing interest and relevance. I recommend Regium Hairtransplant to everybody who is thinking to do a sustainable hair transplantation treatment.


In just 3 steps to full hair with Regium Hairtransplant

Making appointment

In order to give you more accurate and clear information about the treatment you want to perform, we need to perform a preliminary hair analysis. Thanks to our hair analysis, our specialist will evaluate your current hair condition and create a hair transplant prognosis for you. Our preliminary analyzes are completely free and do not constitute any binding element.

Individual consultation

You will be informed about your current condition in a direct conversation with the experts at Regium Hairtransplant and get your special offer.

Free hair analysis

If you are suitable for hair transplantation, you can start planning your trip to Istanbul for hair transplantation. The experts at Regium Hairtransplant will inform you about available dates.


What is boutique exclusive?

Regium Hairtransplant owes its successful reviews and results to its treatment principles. We are against the mass processing of patients. Regium Hairtransplant is very aware that every patient is individual. With this in mind, we give every patient the opportunity to be treated directly by the chief experts. In this regard, Regium Hairtransplant only accepts one patient per day and treats its patients with full precision.

Benefits of Boutique Exclusive Treatments

  • Only the same chief experts take part in the operation.

  • No mass processing. You will be the only patient that day!

  • No time pressure but caring treatment.

  • Sustainable hair transplant results.


This might interest you.

How do I know if I am suitable for hair transplant treatment?

Hair transplantation can be applied to any patient over the age of 18. However, there are some factors that need to be considered for this process. The age of the patient can be determined as whether they have acute or chronic diseases, the patient's drug use, the degree of hair loss, the suitability of the donor area to be taken and the patient's expectation. In the consultation it is determined whether you are a suitable candidate.

What is a graft?

The graft is a piece of tissue containing 1 to 5 hair roots. With the help of our special equipment, the grafts are taken from the donor area without leaving any scars and transferred to the recipient areas.

How many Graftes do I need?

Hair transplant treatment is a personal treatment that differs from person to person. The number of grafts needed during the procedure is determined by the patient's target area demand and the productivity of the donor area. With sufficient donor area resources, the maximum number of grafts that can be taken in our treatments can be performed.

What is a Maximum Graft?

Maximum Graft means the maximum number of grafts that can be transplanted during the hair transplant procedure. In hair transplant treatment, grafts taken from the donor area do not grow in the donor area again. However, the scientific researches that we have used have stated that it is risky to transplant more than necessary. After the treatment, newly transplanted tissues enter the adaptation process and need nourishment. Therefore, the human body tries to feed the tissues by increasing blood circulation. However, after an excessive graft transplantation, our body cannot provide sufficient circulation to feed all tissues and the unnecessary grafts transplanted are damaged because they cannot be fed. Therefore, we prevent the damage by not transplanting more than 4500 grafts in our operations.

Is hair transplant treatment performed in the hospital?

Our hair transplant treatments are carried out in a private hospital environment in accordance with all hygiene conditions.

Is hair transplant treatment done by a doctor?

Our hair transplant treatments are performed by our experienced hair transplant specialists under the supervision and leadership of a doctor.


Regium Hairtransplant is a clinic company with strong roots. Our locations are in Istanbul and Edirne. The chief experts carry out all treatments in both locations depending on the appointments made.