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Hairtransplantation Results

Before and After hair transplantation

Undoubtedly, what makes a hair transplantation successful and special is the clinic you choose and the experts that performs the treatment. 

Regium Hairtransplant offers a  hair transplant treatment  in different dimensions and innovative approaches. Our experienced specialists are testified with their experience, talent and vision to provide you longstanding results. 

You can witness the results in our special before/after gallery that we have prepared for  you.  

Hair transplant results

The decision making process on a hair transplantation treatment is very difficult. It is even more difficult to decide on the right clinic to go through the process. As Regium Hairtransplant family, we have helped many local and foreign patients on this path for many years and had the chance to share their happiness.

Hair Transplantation treatment is a surgical operation, that requires experience and the sense of art. Our aim is to ensure that every patient who has applied to us with the hair loss problem is treated according to the current situation. 

However, it is important to remember that the donor resources that we use in our transactions are not unlimited. Therefore, hair transplant treatment is not a  repeatable treatment and it is an irreversible operation. 

Hair transplant results are permanent, which cannot be changed after the operation. It is a treatment where the experience and talent of the operating team affects the future result of the patient regarding his hair. We are aware that every patient needs special attention and treatment in such a sensitive decision. With our Regium Hairtransplant Boutique Line, we create a special treatment culture for you, being against the understanding of fabricated hair transplantation and careless work. In this context, we aim to ensure that each of our patients benefits equally from the experience of our Regium Hairtransplant specialists  by accepting a certain number number of transactions in our clinic per day.

With the approval of our patients, we have created a comprehensive pre and post hair transplant gallery for you. All the images belong to the patients of Regium Hair Transplant.

Umut Y. / FUE Hairtransplantation

The Temple Area before and after the hairtransplant 

Temporal hair loss, which is usually the first stage of the hair loss process, can  cause discomfort to many patients. This loss occurs in the form of an M on the front area. Most people try to cover these areas by growing the existing hair. However, it is very difficult to shape the remaining hair in the middle area. This is why, with the hair transplantation treatment applied to the temple areas a more intense and natural front line appereance can be created.

Since the temple areas do not cover a very large area, the desired result can be obtained with a maximum 2000-3000 graft operation

The Crown Area before and after the hairtransplant

Another common hair loss type is the crown area loss. Anatomically,  the blood circulation in the crown area is relatively slow, which causes the hair follicles in that area to be more affected by the genetic hair loss. It’s possible to refill the crown area with a hair transplant treatment, but it also requires a disciplined care after the process. If the patient follows the right instructions after the treatment, the desired hair density will be achieved within 12-18 months.

Kevin M. / FUE Hairtransplantation

Levent E. / FUE Hairtransplantation

Front Hairline before and after hair transplantation

The pulling back of the hairline due to genetic hair loss causes our forehead area to appear wider. This image may cause some patients to have self-confidence problems by making them to look older than their age. With hair transplant treatment, we can pull forward the regressed hairline. The front line border is determined by proportioning the existing hair lines  with the face size. When the ratio is designed,  the new hairline that will suit your facial characteristics is drawn. As Regium Hairtransplant we design the hair line not by following the standard designs made in hair transplantation, but by determining the hairline specific to the patient using our own understanding of the art. We achieve natural plantings by obtaining perfect results.

Look at the quality, not the quantity

After the 2000s, hair transplantation has gained a great popularity in Turkey. Our Turkish experts have succeeded in proving themselves by performing successfull operations. Additionally, due to the favorable exhange rate for the foreign patients, Turkey has become the most desired center for the hair transplantation.

As Regium Hairtransplant, we have managed to be a reliable center for hair transplant treatment for many years. We have been providing sustainable services, with our experienced specialist and unique working principles for more than 10 years.  Do not forget that hair transplant treatment is not an easy procedure as described and affects the rest of your life. In order to make the right decision, pay attention to favoring the quality, not the quantity. 

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