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About Regium Hair Transplant

Regium Hairtransplant is a hair transplant clinic based in Turkey. We offer high quality hair transplant treatments in multiple dimensions and innovative approaches ever since the day it was established. Regium Hairtransplant provides amazing results with the light of science and art.  

Regium Hairtransplant provides local and foreign patients with procedures at the highest standards and quality with its very valuable experts and, therefore, stands out with its reliability in the field of hair transplantation treatment. Regium Hairtransplant, which adopts the concepts of Reliability, Transparency and Justice as a principle, aims to create sustainable added value both in hair transplantation treatments and in the field of health tourism.


 Regium Boutique Exclusive

Regium Hairtransplant has based its treatment culture on the boutique line it creates. Hair transplant requires special care for each individual treatment, which can be achieved by talented and experienced specialists. For this reason, Regium Hairtransplant aims that every treated patient can benefit from these features and provides a limited number of treatments on a daily basis. In this way, we prevent fabrication and careless work and ensure the guarantee of certain standards and quality for each patient.

We create added value with health tourism

Tourism has been an important and growing sector in Turkey since the 1980s. Turkey is one of the most favorite destinations of foreign tourists thanks to its historical culture, outstanding beaches, wonderful landscapes and great geographical location. Especially with the health reforms adopted since the early 2000s, health tourism has also become an important value for the country. Turkey left many countries in the world behind and managed to become a trendsetter in the field of health, with its high-tech hospitals, success of the surgical field and superior service understanding.

As Regium Hairtransplant, we have a strong infrastructure in the field of health tourism. In addition to the high quality health services we have provided to our patients from abroad for many years, we also support them in the field of tourism, helping them to meet their needs such as accommodation, touristic trips and shopping.

Regium Hairtransplant grows with the motto of “the best advertisement is the job done” by providing unforgettable experiences to its patients and with recommendations. Our patients who are treated in our clinic easliy recommend Regium Hairtransplant to their friends and  relatives.

Our Branches

  • Regium Hair Transplant Istanbul

  • Regium Hair Transplant Edirne

Our Mission

Together with the best experts in the field, our mission is to raise awareness by using the most up-to-date methods in hair transplantation treatments and to maintain this awareness with transparent, reliable and sustainability principles.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a reliable brand value by carrying out innovative studies in the field of hair transplantation in the national and international arena.



Regium Hairtransplant is a clinic company with strong roots. Our locations are in Istanbul and Edirne. The chief experts carry out all treatments in both locations depending on the appointments made.